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Exceptional Learning Center Philosophy
Tiny Toes learning center is passionate and dedicated to the future of the children in our care. That is why we strive for excellence by designing our classrooms with the best state-of-the-art technologies. Enriching their hearts and minds to music, fine arts and sports, we are making creative leaders today!!!

Our next step is to become a private preschool as well! Please be on the look out for more information here for further developments.
Exceptional Learning Center Philosophy
Tiny Toes Learning Center is where we touch heart, and build minds 24 hours a day. Education is our major goal; we provide your children with the tools they need to begin their educational journey."
Eating & Sleeping
Eating & Sleeping

Our food program is through the Board of Education, and all meals are provided with organic options available. Children eat family-style dinners together to interact in a relaxing group setting and for creating a feeling of normalcy.

Educational Aspect
Educational Aspect

Our teachers are concerned with children as part of the entire group and seek to foster meaningful relationships between them and their peers, the whole community, and the environment. We are implementing the use of technology, such as smart boards, at our new facility to allow for interaction during lessons. For preschool, we utilize the Creative Curriculum for Preschool that contains comprehensive explanations for this level of learning. Our after-school programs and evening sessions have a specific curriculum, as well.

3 Philosophies We Follow
3 Philosophies We Follow
for Setting Up a Creative Environment:
Educators Serving
as a Guide
Permitting the Child’s
Normal Interest to
Direct Their Learning
Advancing Admiration
for All Things & All
Standards for Our Preschool Program:
Positive communications and associations with grown-ups give a basic establishment for fruitful learning.
Social-emotional capability is a noteworthy school achievement.
Constructive, deliberate play underpins basic learning.
Activities Include:
Activities Include:
Piano Class, Yoga, & Gymnastics
Holiday-Themed Arts & Crafts
Seasonal Trips
Halloween - Outdoor Maze, Pumpkin Patch, & Hay Rides
Christmas - Eat Lunch with Santa & Mrs. Claus & Watch the Tree Lighting
Summer - Feed the Ducks, Visit Petting Zoos, & Attend Local Carnivals
Fun Day Every Friday & Saturday
Visiting the Local Rock Climbing Center
Going Camping with Parents
Horseback Riding

We Accept
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